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Quick Facts About O-2 Visa

The O-2 visa is given to the support staff and assistants of an O-1 visa holder, who has extraordinary abilities in the field of motion picture industry, athletics and art. However, O-2 visa is not applicable to the staff or people accompanying individual with O-1 visa for an event or employment in the field of businesses, science and education.

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If you are in the US or outside US but want to prepare and submit the O-2 visa petition, you can do it on your own or ask a visa assistance service or even an immigration attorney to help you complete the procedure as needed.

To become eligible for O-2 visa, you need to prove that you are an integral part of the event or performance while you have the critical skills that are necessary for the O-1 visa holder and cannot be fulfilled by hiring any other person. The individuals that assist O-1 visa holder need to have along standing relationship with them or production work will be done within and outside US and their participation is needed. The O-2 visa is valid for as long as the tenure or period of the O-1 visa holder is legally valid.

However, minor children and spouse of the O-1 visa holder can accompany on a O-3 visa but the O-1 visa holder has to file on their behalf while the dependents have to prove the relationship. Though the dependents on O-3 visa can study, they are not legally authorized to work there.

However, the O-2 visa petition has to be put in by the US employer or through the US agent that need to file the Form I-129 that is needed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service in the region where you intend working. This specific USCIS form has to be filled in at least six months before the work has to start.
If there are more than one individual or a group of people petitioning for the same event at the same place, as many O-2 application can be filled on the same petition, for all the people together. Here is the list of documents that are needed when filing for the O-2 petition include:

• Form DS-160 needs to be filled

• Entire face needs to be visible in the 1.5 inch recent photograph and no head covering is allowed.

• A passport that is valid for US travel with a minimum of 6 months validity even after the period of stay is needed

• Documents that prove your strong connections with your home country that signifies your status as non-immigrant.

• The original agreement between the O-1 visa holder and the O-2 petitioner that details the terms of employment and service that proves the professional relation.

• Proof that showcases your capability in helping the O-1 visa holder and professional relationship.

You can always refer your immigration case with an immigration attorney or a visa assistance service to help you put your proof and documentation in order. In addition, they can help you with the interviews and questions that you might be asked.

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