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Pressure Washer Maintenance

Now that you have spent time and money purchasing the perfect pressure washer maybe you should stop and think, what it will take to maintain that unit for years to come.

Maintenance of tools is the number one cause of failure, most people just use them and never stop to consider that a little TLC can save on down time and a boat load of money in unnecessary repairs. First read your owners manual from cover to cover several times, make sure you understand all required maintenance for your unit. Then consider some additional points of maintenance written below.

There are several type of pressure washers to choose from, small inexpensive home model are compact and built in one piece and usually are maintenance free. These unit are lower powered units and are used mainly for washing dirt off driveways, cars, trucks and boats. Most of these units are cheap and have no replacement part and are thrown away when they break. Read the owners manual carefully to see if any maintenance can be done.

The second and most common unit is a small unit containing a small pump unit an electric or gas motor and a valve assembly where the hoses come in and out. First check and see if your pump is an oil or oil less type, oil less pump unit usually require no maintenance other than keeping them clean and free from damage. Oil type  dishwasher repair los angeles pump however should have the oil change at least once a year if not twice, check the owner manual for the type of oil to use and how often to change it. Keeping the oil clean and fresh will keep the pump cooler and help it last longer, the pump is the most expensive part of your pressure washer, take good care of it.

The last type are the larger industrial models, these unit have the same options as the small units above, but just bigger parts and pumps. These large unit can put out up to 30001bs of pressure or more and can cause allot of damage if not maintained properly. In addition most of these unit have soap dispensers and heating units that will require additional maintenance at least once a year and more if they are used everyday. Check your owners manual for maintenance interval for these units. Larger unit can cost thousand of dollars and regular maintenance can save your lots of time and money. Large pressure washer with gas motor will need maintenance for the motor as well, check the manufacture of the gas motor for more information.

Daily maintenance or every time you use the unit maintenance is critical to proper safety and carefree use. Always check the wand and hoses to make sure they are free from leaks and cracks, even the smaller lower pressure units can cause damage to you or someone standing by if they burst, never use a hose that is cracked, frayed or leaking always repair or replace the hose before using it again. Also check the motors and pumps for leaks or damage, never run a damaged unit. Also make sure the power cord is not cut or frayed, water can get in and short out the unit or shock you.


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